About Us

A closer look at who we are, and what we do.

  • In 2000, the founders of Ixaris Systems Ltd, a creator and operator of transaction-based financial services, identified the need for an electronic payment solution that would give anyone the ability to effect online transactions, regardless of their location or credit-worthiness. Three years later, EntroPay was launched; a secure and convenient solution wherever Visa or MasterCard┬« payments are accepted online, or over the phone.

  • EntroPay was developed with a primary goal in mind: to offer a payment method that eliminated the hassle associated with sending and receiving online payments. Being the first European virtual prepaid card, EntroPay encourages its use from those who might have previously been unwilling or unable to perform online transactions.

  • Today, EntroPay payments are widely accepted by millions of merchants worldwide, spanning a broad spectrum of industries and specialties. Embracing the Ixaris brand promise, EntroPay strives to maintain the highest standards in fraud detection and account security throughout its services

  • EntroPay is operated by Ixaris Systems Ltd. Ixaris Systems Ltd is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority under the Payment Service Regulations 2009 for the provision of payment services. For further information about Ixars Systems Ltd. please visit www.ixaris.com

  • 2002EntroPay launches
    the first batch of
    virtual cards
  • +90The number of
    countries in which
    Entropay is used
  • 1.5 milThe number of
    EntroPay users