Corporate Credit Card in Lock Up?

Your financial department is responsible for maintaining accuracy and security. This commonly means only certain people have access to funds, keeping corporate credit cards under lock and key. Barriers to affecting business payments are not only frustrating but limit the productivity of employees on a day-to-day basis.

We think there is a better way of doing things, so we created EntroPay Business.

What does it mean for managers?

Minimise the risk of credit card misuse or fraud by creating and distributing virtual prepaid MasterCard cards to your employees.

Virtual prepaid cards offer a safe and simple way to delegate payment responsibilities more freely to employees while avoiding unapproved charges or project overspending. It is free to create as many virtual cards as you need, which can be used once or recharged again and again.

What does it mean for employees and users?

In the past, when you needed to make a business purchase you had to go up the chain to access funds. Depending on your position, it may have felt awkward to ask for corporate credit card details. With EntroPay, you don’t have to. Confidently request funds and instantly receive them on a preloaded, disposable virtual card.

Bottom line: Empowered employees make for better business

A business that operates smoothly means a better working environment for everyone. In a positive working atmosphere, employees will work harder and more effectively, which results in a more profitable company.

Can a better payment solution achieve all that? We like to think so.

Why not try?

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