The Beginner’s Guide to Virtual Prepaid Cards

A virtual prepaid card is a rechargeable Visa® or MasterCard® that can be used and stored online, rather than in your wallet.

The biggest advantage of a virtual prepaid card is flexibility. You can use the same card to make online purchases again and again. Or, create multiple cards (for free!) to suit your needs—whether making payments, managing your team’s spending, or sending funds abroad. The power is in your hands—not the banks’.

Before virtual prepaid cards, only a few people in your office had access to a company credit card. Paying distributors, buying office supplies, or sending money to freelancers was a complicated business. You asked your Manager, who asked the Accountant, who asked their Manager, who gave their company card to the Office Administrator to make the purchase. He got around to it four days later, after you reminded him twice.

With virtual prepaid cards the office is a happier place. It’s easy for one person in your office to administer EntroPay. The next time you need to pay a distributor, they can create and preload a single-use virtual credit card for you on the spot. You instantly make the payment and conquer your deadlines. It all takes a few minutes, rather than a few days.

There are a few other ways virtual prepaid cards are different—and better—for business. Take EntroPay, for example. With EntroPay you can say goodbye to bank fees. There are no interest charges, over limit fees, or late re-payment fees associated with traditional business bank accounts. And because we understand each business’ needs are unique, there are no minimum restrictions on purchases.

EntroPay’s virtual prepaid cards are shaking things up around the office. Accountants love that you can set individual spending limits on virtual prepaid cards to minimise the risk of fraud and misuse. We’re also getting lots of fan mail about our clear audit trail, which makes reconciliation a snap. HR Managers are finding surprising ways to use EntroPay cards too, by replacing gift cards and travel vouchers with a more flexible incentive solution. Even the interns are benefiting—their supervisors are empowering them with the responsibility to make purchases for their teams using EntroPay.

Are you ready to make the office a happier place? Give virtual prepaid cards a try—sign up for EntroPay. It’s free and easy to get started.

Are you ready to start enjoying the full benefits of EntroPay?

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