Who Doesn’t Want a Happy Office?

Did you know the average person will spend nearly 10 entire years of their life at work in an office? Why not make it a happier place! Here are our top tips for improving your office experience. 

1) Not everyone wants to mix work and play, but sometimes forming a friendship with your co-workers can make the world of the difference. No, you don’t need to be BFF’s with your office mates. Simply ask how their weekend was or if they have plans over the holidays—it’s sure to help!

2) A brighter space = A better place. An easy way to make your office happier is by de-cluttering. To earn goodwill amongst your coworkers and managers, offer to declutter a shared office space (such as an office kitchen or lounge).

3) Use a virtual prepaid card solution like EntroPay to simplify your payments. Easily manage your team’s payments by creating unlimited virtual prepaid MasterCardⓇ cards for security and peace of mind. With EntroPay’s instant and convenient payment method, you can make the office a happier place by conquering deadlines and empowering your work mates with the ability to affect payments for their team. It’s a win-win!

4) It’s easy to get caught up in conversation with your coworkers throughout the day. Why not schedule time for it? You can regain focus and maintain optimal productivity by making sure you take scheduled breaks. Not sure how to best organise your workday? Many efficient workers love the Pomodoro technique! 

5) Treat yourself to a small office treat now and then. A new notebook or small tech gadget is a great way to change up the look of your office space and motivate you to work a little harder.

6) Finished your work early and noticed your coworker is absolutely swamped? Offer to help. Not only will this make their day, but if you’re willing to give a helping hand they’ll likely do the same in return.

7) People will feel respected if you ask for their opinion. If you’re feeling unsure about something you’re working on, ask a coworker to read it over. They’ll be happy you asked and you’ll feel great knowing that you made them happy.

8) This one is for those who are easily distracted, or tend to procrastinate: Use red and blue pens more often! A study done at Science Daily says that the colour blue boosts creative thinking, while the colour red improves your ability to pay attention to details. Needless to say, increased creativity and mental clarity around the office will make a much happier space for everyone!

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