What Everyone Should Know About Virtual Prepaid Cards

While technologies advance in all aspects of your business, concerns about control, security and identity fraud persist.

Luckily, virtual prepaid cards offer a solution.

What is a Virtual Prepaid Card?

A virtual prepaid card is a unique Visa or MasterCard that is created and topped up online.

How Do Virtual Prepaid Cards Work?

Just like traditional plastic credit cards, virtual prepaid cards can be used online or by phone in more than 90 countries.

Unlike traditional plastic credit cards, virtual prepaid cards can be used once and discarded or topped up repeatedly—offering the flexibility your business needs.

How Can I Get a Virtual Prepaid Card?

Create an EntroPay Business account by providing your contact information, choosing your desired currency (euros, US dollars or pounds) and submitting a few basic details about the funding source that will be used to top up your account.

Our application approval process typically takes only a couple of business days to complete. Once our team approves your application you can begin creating unlimited virtual cards to suit your needs.

How Can Virtual Prepaid Cards Help Your Business?

  • Fast application process. No credit checks are required to get started.
  • Controls costs and minimise risk. The holder of the virtual card can only spend within the limits you set.
  • Send money abroad for lower fees. Use virtual prepaid cards to send money abroad for significantly lower fees than big bank alternatives.

EntroPay’s virtual prepaid cards provide an ideal solution for businesses that want to take back control of credit card issuing and online payments. With clear activity trails, you can better monitor your business spending and budget limits.

Are you ready to start enjoying the full benefits of EntroPay?

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