EntroPay Business

Working with freelancers and virtual assistants all over the world?

Try EntroPay—the simpler way to pay.

Send money instantly, anywhere, to anyone with an email address.


We’re putting you back in charge of online payments.

With EntroPay for Business you can pay freelancers and virtual assistants anywhere—all you need is their email address. Best of all, EntroPay is extremely cost effective compared to conventional banking processes and closed-loop systems like PayPal, so you can keep more of the money you earn in your pocket.

Say goodbye to bank fees. There are no interest charges, over limit fees, or late re-payment fees. Plus, we believe in fair pricing, so our service fees do not vary by sender or recipient country.

Your freelancers and VA’s will love EntroPay. By issuing payments as a virtual debit card, recipients can receive and spend their funds instantly anywhere credit cards are accepted online.

Your financial department will love EntroPay, too—with a clear audit trail, EntroPay is a snap to reconcile.

Whether you’re a large company with a financial department, or an emerging startup, EntroPay is easy to use.

Centrally control your virtual debit cards and funds, easily track your payouts, and make reconciliation a breeze by keeping all of your payment data in one convenient location.

Why EntroPay?

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