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  • What is EntroPay for Business?

    EntroPay for Business is an innovative payment solution that allows you to manage all of your company’s spending, while retaining full control in a simple, quick and cost effective manner.

    EntroPay for Business provides two essential products – EntroPay Payout and EntroPay Purchasing.

    Payout allows businesses to transfer funds to anyone, anywhere, in a simple and instant manner. By means of an email address, you are now able to perform payments to anyone, who in turn is able to spend them globally wherever a Visa or a MasterCard® is accepted.

    Purchasing allows you to keep track of your company’s expenses in a simple and reliable manner. This product allows you to issue, manage, edit and delete multiple virtual prepaid cards at the click of a mouse. This card is accepted anywhere where a MasterCard is accepted online or over the phone.

  • How does it work?

    Every EntroPay for Business account has an account balance, which is used to fund all of the financial activities you perform on your account such as sending a payment overseas. In order to make use of this service, you must first top-up your account balance, which may be performed via Bank Transfer for via Credit/Debit card.

  • In which way will my clients receive funds?

    Your clients will be able to claim their payout funds through an e-mail sent out by EntroPay once the payment is issued. They will then be able to deposit the funds onto an EntroPay Virtual Prepaid Visa Card, which can be used anywhere Visa is accepted online.

  • Will my clients be able to transfer additional funds into their EntroPay virtual prepaid card?

    Absolutely – they will be able to add further funds directly to their card by means of a Bank Transfer or via their own credit/debit card.

  • Do you need to verify your account with us?

    EntroPay will only ask for your Business Name in order to start sending payouts right away. However, you will need to verify your business with us in order to add additional funds to your account, as well as to make use of EntroPay Purchasing. More information regarding upgrading your account may be accessed here.

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