What is EntroPay Payout?

Paying freelancers located around the globe can prove to be a headache, especially when traditional banks are involved.

Long waiting times, coupled with hefty bank charges are now a thing of the past thanks to EntroPay Payout. Designed with small to medium enterprises in mind, this innovative business solution allows businesses to send money internationally instantly, securely and most importantly, at a fraction of the cost of traditional bank transfers.

EntroPay Payout represents the cheapest way to send money abroad instantly while maintaining the highest of standards of security and privacy. By accessing your online account, you are now able to transfer money to anyone in a simple, instant and global manner.

In order to make use of this service you must first top-up your online account balance via Bank Transfer or current credit/ debit card. Once this is done, the process is relatively simple; simply enter the email address of whomever you’d like to send money online to and let us handle the rest.

With EntroPay Payout, there is no need to wait as all payouts are effected in a simple and instant manner, and funds are immediately transferred to the recipient’s Virtual Visa Card with the simple click of a mouse. No bureaucracy, no lead times, no hassles – EntroPay Payout; it’s a completely different ball game.

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