What is EntroPay Purchasing?

Today, online shopping has become order of the day – it’s quick, it’s convenient, and above all, it’s instant. Your payment system should be the same.

EntroPay Purchasing is the ideal business solution for SMEs that are after a cost effective corporate solution to manage their business expenses, while completely eliminating traditional bureaucracy and hefty banking costs.

By means of a simple online interface, EntroPay Purchasing allows users to manage, create, edit and delete various virtual prepaid cards instantly. By funding your organisation’s Virtual Prepaid MasterCard® cards through a single corporate bank account, you are now in full control of budgets, spending limits and business expenses without the reconciliation nightmares generally associated with this activity.

With no credit checks, extra costs, or administrative delays, EntroPay Purchasing offers a simple, instant and globally recognised virtual debit card solution specifically designed for online transactions.

We understand the value of your time, let us work together.

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