Today, many financial transactions are carried out with minimal protection to the consumer. Credit and debit cards used for online purchases may often reveal card numbers and other personal information to unknown merchants. This places the cardholder directly at risk.

With EntroPay your personal and financial details are kept safe, giving you further peace of mind whenever performing online transactions.

Protecting our users is a top priority, which is why we have invested heavily in our technology in order to guarantee this to all of our clients.

Maintaining your privacy

EntroPay allows users to maintain the confidentiality that is crucial when completing financial transactions. As a matter of fact, we are certified by TRUSTe, the independent, recognised authority on privacy best practices on the Internet.

All data, be it financial or personal data, is never listed or shared with merchants. Additionally, credit or debit cards used to fund your EntroPay account will only display “EntroPay UK” in your current bank’s transaction history.

Finally, your personal information is only used to administer your account, or help us improve our services to offer you an increasingly efficient business solution. Under no circumstance will we ever rent or sell your data to any company, organisation or individual.

Keeping your account safe

All of the information entered into our website is protected by a 128-bit encryption system. This means that all of our data is unreadable in the unlikely event that someone is attempting to monitor any transaction. Our platform offers state-of-the-art firewalls within a secured network.

Furthermore, all of EntroPay’s virtual prepaid cards are generated using unique cryptographic devices that offer a military level of security.

Finally, every EntroPay user is asked to assign a unique username and password to his/her account which is never visible to EntroPay employees. For this reason, lost or forgotten passwords must be reissued in order to regain access to your account should this occur.


We have invested heavily in technology and expertise to offer EntroPay users a robust framework to support instant and secure global transactions. Our outstanding systems and superb technical staff offer unmatched efficiency, security and trust.

EntroPay has teamed up with international technology leaders such as VeriSign and Prolexic, and is equipped with ultramodern firewall and virus detection systems to safeguard all of our data from unauthorised access and tampering.

All of our systems are under constant review and are kept continuously up to date with software patches and upgrades in order to minimise potential loopholes in our security system.

Believe us; we’ve got it all under control.